Launch of the Global Declaration on Parkinson’s Disease ‘Parkinson’s Disease – Moving and Shaping’

The Working Group on Parkinson’s Disease, formed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in May 1997 will be launching the Global Declaration at the 7th World Parkinson's Day International Symposium in Mumbai, India on 6/7 December 2003.

Following the first World Parkinson’s Disease Day, 11 April and the launch of the World Charter for People with Parkinson’s disease, the Working Group on Parkinson’s disease held their first meeting at the WHO offices in Geneva. The group consisted of leading specialists in Parkinson’s disease from Argentina, Austria, Canada, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Spain, UK, and USA and representatives from the EPDA. In subsequent years the group membership has increased to include Africa, India, Japan, and Jordan, with annual meetings being held alongside World Parkinson’s Disease Day Celebrations in Spain, USA, Argentina, Japan and Russia.

The Group members reflect the WHO Regions: America, Europe, East Mediterranean, Africa, South East Asia, and Western Pacific. Their aim has been to develop a Global Parkinson’s Disease Alliance and to work in partnership with the Lay organizations in order to transfer the ‘Charter for people with Parkinson’s disease’ into a Global Declaration:

People with Parkinson’s Disease have the right to:

Be referral to a doctor with a special interest in Parkinson’s disease

Receive an accurate diagnosis

Have access to support services

Receive continuous care; and

Take part in managing the illness

Parkinson’s disease which is globally distributed, affects all cultures and races, with the overall prevalence in the world being estimated to be 6.3 million with more than 1:10 people with Parkinson’s being diagnosed before the age of 50 years.

Demographic changes mean that Parkinson’s is set to become more common with the rise in the number of elderly world wide and this increase is coming at the same time as a decrease in the availability of informal carers and the change in family and career structures. Therefore it is the time to urge Governments to provide effective and appropriate management strategies, which could improve the quality of life of those with Parkinson’s and reduce the cost and impact on the global community.

The Working Group on Parkinson’s Disease look forward to the support of the global PD organisations in promoting this important event throughout their countries and regions.

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